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Coaching is an experience, a journey into discovering a deeper awareness of ourselves. Join us as we explore real-life situations through a life coaching model and go off script into intuitive conversations.

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Tuesday Aug 02, 2022

Thank you Jeremy for taking us on this journey and I believe many of us can resonate with this desire to be fully present with everything that is important however sometimes we come up against a wall when there just isn't enough time to do it all.
How do you then decide how to move forward?
Sit back and enjoy as Meaghan and Jeremy explore this amazing topic together.

Saturday Jul 23, 2022

Meaghan bravely guides us through her journey of managing what's important and dear to her heart while being in flow with who she truly is. 
Her reflection question to contemplate, which, if she feels called to, will share with us in the next episode. Question: Why is it important to have your own brand? 
Isaiaha is inspired at the end of the session to share why questions and not answers are where the wisdom of knowing lives. 

Saturday Jul 16, 2022

The coaching journey is inspiring, and when you find the door to what is stopping you from authentically shining more fully as yourself, we begin a new journey! Thank you, Miguel, for your courage and bravery and for letting us in just a little into your world.
We appreciate you and your time to sit with us today!

Thursday Jun 23, 2022

Come and witness this powerful coaching session as Meaghan explores her personal state of flow and what allows her to remain in this state while also becoming aware of how to keep the flow going. Followed by a great conversation around flow and why it is so powerful to create and live from this place.

Money as Energy

Friday Jun 17, 2022

Friday Jun 17, 2022

Please enjoy this coaching session around our values of money. We explore our comfort level around purpose and money and how to build a business that is in alignment with you. We also switch hats and explore it from a different perspective. Emjoy!

Friday Jun 17, 2022

Welcome - this podcast explores the coaching journey and is a space we create together to learn, be ourselves and expand our awareness. All conversations are unscripted, raw and vulnerable. We hope you enjoy it!




The Joy of Coaching!

Meaghan and I met in coaching school (Jay Shetty) however we didn't connect one-on-one until after we graduated. On the surface we seem very different however as we spent time in friendship, coaching and having fun we realized that there was an ease and comfort in our differences. The more time we spent together, the more we realized that our uniqueness and sameness brought an interesting perspective and support and so when we decided to record our sessions and share them with you, it was a yes all the way!

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